Try These Bathroom Themes to Add Up Extra Space

You can add some artwork to spiff up your small bath without having to do any big renovations. You can easily add a lot of visual appeal by adding gallery wall with your favorite artwork. You can simply add some inspiration and find out what pieces you want to add by trying a few bathroom theme ideas. You can try a family photo theme, use your favorite wallpaper or an ode to the city you love.

Find Narrow Pieces for Storage

When it comes to look for a storage solution for your small bathroom, you can find the pieces that are narrow for your small bathroom ideas. These standard pieces are not sized for your small bathroom. So, it is better to measure the space and find a solution which works with your bathroom décor ideas.

Try Pops of Color

If you have mostly white or all white bathroom, you can add some fun elements of color to your bathroom, for example bright yellow shelves. Other simple ways is adding artwork, some patterned towels or colorful accessories. A colorful shower curtain always works.

Dark and Moody Works

If you don’t like bright colors too much, you can choose to go moody and dark in a bathroom to add more dramatic look. With this eclectic bath, you can cover everything in dark and moody vibe. Paint the doors and walls black and pair with darker wood trim.